Did a chimney inspection reveal missing mortar joints and cracking throughout your chimney’s interior lining? Then, it may be time to consider repairing it with HeatShield®! HeatShield® is a ceramic material that we can pour into these gaps and openings, ensuring your chimney stays sturdy, smooth, and working efficiently for decades.

Essentially… It fixes the straw effect.

What Is the Straw Effect?

Imagine you’re drinking through a straw, but aren’t having much luck getting the liquid from the glass into your mouth. Why might this be occurring? Well, the most likely reason is that there are cracks or holes present in the straw, making it impossible for the liquid to work its way upwards.

Something similar can happen with your chimney, and it’s known as the straw effect. When this happens, instead of smoke, carbon monoxide, and other vapors going up and out of your chimney (like they’re supposed to), they instead work their way into the holes and gaps in your chimney, breaking things down and eventually finding their way into your home.

Now, this isn’t good for your chimney or for the people living in your home. There can be serious health consequences to inhaling some of the vapors passing through your flue, and it leaves adjacent woodwork vulnerable to catching on fire, too.

The obvious solution here is to fill in these holes – and that is exactly what HeatShield® does for your chimney.

Exploring Your Options With HeatShield®

So, there’s two main options when it comes to HeatShield® – Joint Repair & the Resurfacing System. Let’s go over each.

  • Joint Repair: With the joint repair system, we’ll start by putting a custom-built foam applicator down into your flue. Then we add the HeatShield® Cerfractory® Flue Sealant mixture, which fills in your missing mortar joints, along with any minor gaps and imperfections as the tool is pulled upwards.

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  • Resurfacing System: If your damage is more extensive than a few missing mortar joints – like excessive cracking and spalling – the resurfacing system will be necessary. As with the joint repair, a custom-made foam applicator is made and placed at the bottom of the flue. Then, a “tie coat” is applied – this removes any dust and helps to prime the flue. Once it dries, our HeatShield® materials are added, creating a new layer that’s approximately ¼” thick. In the end, you’ll be left with a durable lining that will give you protection for the long haul!

Is HeatShield®  Right for Me?

So, how do you know if HeatShield®  will work with your system? Well, let’s just say that in most cases HeatShield® will be an efficient, easy, and affordable way to improve your system. There aren’t many chimneys that it won’t work with.

That said, if your tile pieces are gone for good, then you’ll need more extensive repairs, and HeatShield® won’t be able to resolve your issues. Missing tiles mean there are some major voids in your chimney, and you’ll need some reconstruction work completed before we can move forward with any relining work.

Because of this, we encourage you to call sooner rather than later if you feel your system may be at risk! If we can get on the job before major damage is done, then we may be able to help you save on some big repair costs down the line. Don’t put off the care you deserve – call our experts today!

Can HeatShield® Save Me Money?

Sometimes, people wonder if they’d be better off investing in a total restoration, rather than the HeatShield® method. In terms of cost and savings, HeatShield® will always be the more affordable option, typically being about one-third of the cost of a professional restoration job. We’re talking about a savings of literally thousands of dollars.

And in terms of structural integrity, we assure that HeatShield® is just as effective as these bigger, more extensive projects. In the end, HeatShield® will save you time, money, and stress, and you’ll be getting the same results as a more expensive service.

Helpful tip: Did you know that any vertical crack is evidence of a chimney fire? In these cases, your insurance company should pay for the work to restore your liner. That said, it needs to be documented correctly, so make sure you rely on a professional chimney sweep, and ask your insurance exactly what they need from you.

Questions? Give Us a Call!

If you’re in need of relining work or other chimney repairs, it can be hard to determine what all is necessary without some professional insight. Our experts are CSIA-certified, experienced in the field, and we always put your needs and safety first.

Give us a call at 434-443-5309 with questions or concerns. We’ll speak with you soon!