Charlottesville’s Chimney Repair & Installation Needs & Deserves Comprehensive, Professional Attention

We’ve been a part of this industry long enough to know that even the most minute flaws in your chimney system can lead to some devastating situations. Things that are easy fixes if addressed early on all too often turn into bigger issues like chimney fires, smoke backup, carbon monoxide exposure, and more. All because proper maintenance was neglected or put off.

We don’t want our neighbors in Charlottesville and the surrounding areas to experience this, especially because they can’t find a reputable company to trust with the work.

We know the chimney repair needs of homeowners in Charlottesville and we’ve trained and studied for hundreds of hours to become experts on a variety of repair jobs. We strive not only to offer a lot, but to be the best at doing it all. So that you never have to put off repairs or worry about repairs being done incorrectly.

Before total rebuild set-up with ladders and scaffolding

Before Total Rebuild

During total rebuild tear out old chimney

During Total Rebuild

After total rebuild with brand new beautiful chimney

After Total Rebuild

Not All Repair Needs Are Obvious

Some chimney problems are obvious. If you take a look at your masonry and see missing bricks, cracking throughout the sides, or a big gap or hole, then you know your chimney needs repairs. But other repair needs aren’t so obvious.

It’s all too common to hear about homeowners who neglected their annual check-up because their fireplace seemed okay or worked well for them the year before. This false sense of security is what tempts people to put a chimney to use before having it inspected.

But here’s the thing: just because your fireplace looks okay, doesn’t mean your chimney is in good condition and ready for the next burn season. There could be damage from a chimney fire, a leaky chimney crown, a faulty liner, or something else putting your home at risk.

It may seem like it would be obvious if there was damage or buildup, but your chimney is good at keeping these things hidden. In fact, even chimney fires (which many assume are loud, obvious events) typically occur very quietly. So most won’t even realize they’ve had one.

The big takeaway from all this?

Always schedule an inspection before your burning season. An annual inspection performed by a sweep who is trained and certified is the only way to spot hidden issues in a system that otherwise seems fine. It’s a precaution you’ll never regret taking!

And if repairs are in order, you know who to trust for the job. The Chimney Guys will have your back through it all.

Here’s What We Offer

Like we mentioned, there isn’t a lot we can’t do for you. Here’s the lowdown on the many repair and installation services we’re qualified to offer:

  • Back Draft & Smoke Issue Troubleshooting: Were you ready to relax by a fire only to have smoke pour out of the firebox and into your living space? This is a dangerous and annoying scenario to find yourself in, and even once the smoke clears out, you’ll be left with a smelly, less-than-ideal atmosphere. If you’re struggling with smoke in your space, we can find solutions for you in no time.
  • Leaky Chimneys: Water in your chimney is a sign of trouble, and the sooner you put a stop to it, the better. We can resolve any leaks you’re experiencing, and take care of you with preventive measures, so that this isn’t something you’ll have to face again down the line. We offer chimney cap and custom cap installation, chase cover installation, and waterproofing – all of which guarantee better protection for the long haul.
  • Masonry Repairs: Cracked and crumbling masonry isn’t just bad for structural reasons… it can also be a huge eyesore! If you’re sick of pulling up to your home everyday and seeing cracked bricks, crumbling mortar, and various types of masonry decay, then it’s time to call in a team that can get it looking and operating as good as new.
  • Chimney Liner Repair & Relining: When it comes to liner repair, there are a couple of options we can offer you. If it’s a new liner you need, look no further than our stainless steel options. These offer a lifetime of protection that is simply unparalleled. If damage is less extensive, ask us about HeatShield®, which is also known for its durability and effectiveness at providing a smooth, sealed flue surface.
  • Fireplace/Firebox Repairs: It’s easy to get caught up in chimney care and forget about the star of the show – the firebox! Your firebox withstands the intense heat from your fire year after year, but it may occasionally require specialized care and attention that our crew is more than qualified to handle.
  • Smoke Chamber Parging: When we mention the smoke chamber, many ask us what exactly a smoke chamber is. It’s the area right above your firebox, and it plays a big role in sending smoke and other fumes up through your chimney where they can safely escape your home. That is, if there are no imperfections preventing it from doing its job. Parging smooths the area out, so your chimney performs better and your home stays better protected.
  • Wood Stove & Insert Installation: Both wood stoves and inserts are known for their strong heat output and both utilize one of the cheapest fuel sources out there: wood. Their high efficiency levels help homeowners save money on heating bills, and their aesthetic appeal is unmatched. If you want the ambiance of a wood-burning unit, only without all the heat loss of a traditional setup, this is the way to go. We’ve got great options for you and our team guarantees a professional installation every time.

Our Vast Amount of Chimney Knowledge Has You Covered

From top to bottom, there’s no team that understands chimneys like we do. When you combine our expert training with our hands-on experience and exceptional customer service, you’ve got a combination that has everyone else beat.

So when you’re looking for a qualified and courteous team to tackle your chimney repairs, call on The Chimney Guys. We deliver the best care you can find throughout Greene County, Orange County, Albemarle County, and the neighboring areas. Call us at 434-481-3796 or reach out online to schedule an appointment today.


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