Keep Your Smoke Chamber in Tip-Top Shape by Investing in Our Parging Services

If we asked you to list off the parts of your fireplace, certain components would likely come to mind right away. Things like the chimney cap, damper, firebox, and masonry are all things we can either see or easily access, so it’s easy to tell if they need some professional care. Unfortunately, not all parts are so readily accessible.

The smoke chamber is one of the things that many tend to forget about. It’s in a spot that’s difficult to access, so noting whether or not it needs repair isn’t something your average homeowner will be able to do.

But that doesn’t make it any less important! Your smoke chamber needs to be functioning well if you’re hoping to get that first-rate performance you desire from your fireplace and chimney. Fortunately, The Chimney Guys can assist with it all.

The Role of Your Smoke Chamber

So, what exactly is a smoke chamber and what does it do? Your smoke chamber sits in between your firebox and your chimney, and its main purpose is to assist the flow of smoke through your flue.

Essentially, it allows smoke to gradually adjust to the smaller space within your flue. This ensures that it keeps moving up and out, rather than backtracking into your home.

But smoke chambers can be damaged by heat and moisture over time, which can reduce the speed with which smoke travels up into the flue. As a result, smoke could travel back into your home or spend more time in your smoke chamber, where it could settle as corrosive creosote.

We mention draft and airflow a lot when addressing your smoke chamber, because it can really impact both. Why is good airflow so important? Well, without it, you’ll be left with a smokey living space, and your chances of being exposed to harmful gases like carbon monoxide will increase significantly.

This isn’t just inconvenient… it’s dangerous! Damage to your smoke chamber can cause a real problem, which is why it needs to be promptly addressed with parging.

So, What Is Parging?

Now that you understand the importance of a well-functioning smoke chamber, how is it that we go about fixing a damaged one? Well, that’s where our smoke chamber parging services come in.

Simply put, parging is the process of filling all of the voids and imperfections in your smoke chamber and leaving a smooth, sealed surface, so that smoke doesn’t get caught up anywhere.

Once everything is smoothed out, airflow will improve and smoke will move along smoothly and seamlessly, guaranteeing better results from your entire system overall. Who doesn’t want that?

When Do Smoke Chambers Need to Be Parged?

Your smoke chamber will need parging in the following circumstances:

1. The surface of the smoke chamber is damaged. Now, deterioration can come in many forms. Whether it’s cracking, crumbling, big holes, or any other malfunction, it needs to be addressed. Anything but a flat, smooth design will hinder airflow. Additionally, when smoke chambers crack or undergo other types of damage, they can allow heat, smoke, hot ash, and sparks to access nearby framing and walls. This is a big fire hazard, so the smoke chamber must be sealed and resurfaced.

2.The smoke chamber is stepped. This is more common in older systems. It used to be the norm to have this area built with jagged steps going up into your flue, but with newer models it’s recommended that everything be smoothed out. This gives smoke the cleanest and easiest path up your chimney.

Schedule Today For a Safer, More Enjoyable Fireside Experience

A damaged or stepped smoke chamber can seriously impact the safety and enjoyment of your home. If you’re experiencing any of the issues associated with a damaged smoke chamber, schedule an inspection with The Chimney Guys.

We’ll take a look, and if your smoke chamber needs parging, we can take care of it for you quickly and professionally. We’re a family-owned business, so we promote safety and satisfaction above all else. And because we’re always improving on our already exceptional level of professionalism, you can expect the best possible experience.

The time to call on us is now. If you live in Charlottesville, Ivy, Afton, Madison, or anywhere nearby, reach out at 434-481-3796 or schedule an appointment online today.


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