Need Masonry Repairs in Charlottesville or a Neighboring Area? The Chimney Guys Can Handle It

Wondering if you can put off masonry repairs? Masonry damage isn’t something that stays the same until you’re ready to address it. Every day that passes, your chimney will continue breaking down until it either gets fixed or ends up collapsing.

It sounds extreme, but it’s true. So it’s best to have masonry repairs taken care of as soon as possible! The Chimney Guys are happy to help, whether you’re in Charlottesville, or a surrounding town like Crozet, Ruckersville, Barboursville, Madison, or Earlysville. Put your brickwork and mortar in the most qualified hands around by depending on us for it all.

Masonry Repairs - Tech laying brick with mortar

What Caused the Damage in the First Place?

There are many things that might have triggered your masonry damage, which is why scheduling an inspection is so important. In order to provide adequate repairs, we need to know exactly what we’re working with and just how extensive the damage is. Plus, we need to know what caused the damage, so it doesn’t happen again.

Curious about the most common causes of damage? Here’s what we typically see:

  • Bad Weather: Thunderstorms, blizzards, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, and everything else that falls into the bad weather category will take their toll on a chimney. Since there’s no way to prevent exposure to the elements, investing in preventive care is the best thing you can do to keep everything protected. Unfortunately, sometimes there’s just nothing you can do when something major occurs, in which case you’ll need some professional attention as soon as you can get it. We’re trained to assess and repair any damage, so call today if this is the boat you’re in.
  • Water Exposure: The weather doesn’t need to be crazy for water damage to occur. If you haven’t invested in waterproofing services for your chimney, you can bet your brickwork will be absorbing lots of moisture in a hurry, which then triggers deterioration. You’ll also need to ensure your crown or chase cover is in tip-top shape and that you’re equipped with a solid chimney cap. We can provide all of that.
  • A Chimney Fire: When creosote is given the opportunity to build up, your risk of experiencing a chimney fire increases significantly. Chimney fires are devastating to your structure, and your masonry will take a big hit in the process. Do your best to avoid them by having your chimney regularly swept. If it’s too late, please reach out so we can help with repairs.
  • Neglect: Sometimes people purchase a home with their dream fireplace, but don’t do the research as far as chimney care goes. A good portion of the damage we see could have been avoided if proper preventive care was invested in. Annual inspections are always a must, and it’s important to operate everything appropriately, too. We can help with it all, and we’re always happy to answer questions if you’re feeling confused or uncertain. Please reach out, so that your home and family stay safer!
  • Faulty Repair Jobs: Did you invest in a repair by just going with the lowest bid offered? We understand the appeal of saving money, but when it comes to your chimney, a bad repair job can actually wind up costing you more down the line. On the flip side, if everything is done right the first time, you can rest easy for the long haul. Make the right choice by trusting in a team that’s certified, licensed, insured, and experienced. You won’t regret it!

Need Repairs? Don’t Operate Your Fireplace Until They’re Completed

If you need chimney masonry repairs, it’s important that you stop using your fireplace until all necessary maintenance is completed. Even if everything looks sturdy enough for just one more fire, you never know when disaster might strike. Waiting until our crew gets everything back in tip-top shape is always your better option.

What could happen if a fire is lit when masonry damage is present? Well, one major threat is smoke backup and smoke inhalation. If you have asthma, allergies, or any type of respiratory problem (or know someone else who does), then you know how damaging even a little smoke can be to one’s health.

Another issue is the possibility of carbon monoxide exposure. Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless gas that can easily work its way through any cracks, holes, or gaps present in a masonry structure. It’s toxic and because it’s basically impossible to detect, every precaution should be taken.

Finally, damage throughout your masonry can leave adjacent housing materials and woodwork vulnerable to heat transfer and fire. Flames spread quickly through a home once they get going, putting those inside of the home at serious risk. The property damage, along with the threat to your health and well-being, is not worth it.

On the bright side, while these threats are all very real, they can be prevented with some extra precautions on your part and with some professional know-how on our part. Don’t use your fireplace without calling to schedule masonry repairs. We promise to do a top-notch job of addressing damage once we get to your home.

And while you’re at it, don’t forget to invest in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors for every level of your property! Ideally, they should be installed outside of every bedroom, so everyone can hear them even if they’re sound asleep. These devices have saved countless lives over the years and should be in every home, no matter what.

Don’t Wait – Call Today

When it comes to masonry repairs, The Chimney Guys have you covered. We do excellent work and always treat our clients with courtesy and respect. Pick up the phone and call us at 434-481-3796 today or reach out online. We’re here to help!


What if you need chimney liner repairs? Not to worry! We have years of experience with chimney repairs and installation services.