Electric Fireplaces

There are lots of families out there that really want a fireplace in their home, but just don’t have the time or energy to maintain it. Chimneys require annual inspections and regular repair work, and if you have a busy lifestyle, it might not feel worth it to you to make that investment.

Well, we don’t think those with no wiggle room in their schedule should have to miss out. That’s why we sell and install electric fireplaces. If you live in or around Charlottesville, then count on The Chimney Guys to handle all of your electric fireplace needs.

Beautiful Electric Fireplace insert rectangular with fire
Electric Fireplace insert with fire and tv above

The Many Benefits of Electric Fireplaces

So, what all do electric fireplaces offer? Here’s the rundown on their many benefits:

1. No Chimney Required: Electric fireplaces plug into an outlet, and because they don’t run on fire or gas, they don’t need to vent out smoke or harmful fumes. If you don’t have a chimney, but are longing for the cozy comfort of a fireplace, electric fireplaces are the option for you.

2. Flexible Placement Options: Because electric fireplaces just require an outlet, they don’t have strict restrictions as far as where they go in your home. Just plug it in wherever is convenient and enjoy your evening. As far as fireplaces go, it doesn’t get much easier than that!

3. Easy to Use: Wood-burning fireplaces are known for being high maintenance. If the thought of stacking wood, building fires, and scooping out wood ash doesn’t appeal to you, then it’s time to seek alternative fuel types. Electric units just require a quick flip of a switch and that’s it. Going from a long, busy day to a comfortable, relaxing evening won’t be a problem at all.

4. Realistic-Looking Flames: Electric fireplaces don’t actually produce a fire, so many assume they’ll lose out in terms of aesthetic appeal. This isn’t the case! They still offer the look of an actual fire, just without all of the mess involved. And just because the flames are fake doesn’t mean they’re any less realistic. Trust us – you’ll love the look.

5. No Mess: Because no wood has to be seasoned, stored, and stacked in your home to enjoy these models, you won’t have any mess to clean up. This also means no ash, no creosote, no flying sparks causing damage, and no unpleasant smoke odors in your home. They’re totally mess-free.

6. Long-Lasting: When purchasing a fireplace for your home, finding a unit that stands the test of time is a must. Many models of electric fireplaces can last for up to two decades, so longevity isn’t something you’ll have to stress about with this investment.

7. They Aren’t Permanent: If you don’t have a fireplace or chimney in your home, having something built into the structure takes a lot of time and money. And once it’s done, there’s no turning back! If you’re not ready for such a big commitment, then electric fireplaces are a much less stressful alternative.

8. High Efficiency: When it comes to efficiency, electric fireplaces have got all other options beat. Your energy is converted directly into heat and nothing is lost out the chimney, so your space will heat up in no time.

9. Wide Range of Styles: In terms of design options, finding something that suits your needs and matches your decor won’t be a problem. Today’s market has all kinds of styles, sizes, colors, and design options, so you’ll find a model to fall in love with before you know it.

10. Safer for Use: If you have kids or pets, then having a fireplace in your home invites a whole new string of safety concerns. Electric fireplaces are considered one of the safer options since they don’t produce real flames or pump out hazardous smoke fumes and gases.

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