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Whether it’s snow, rain, or sleet, water and your masonry are two things that should always be kept apart. But how is this possible when your brickwork and mortar are constantly exposed to the elements? There are actually lots of ways you can better protect your chimney and fireplace from leaks and water damage, and our team is here to help with them all.

We offer water prevention services all throughout Madison. These services include chimney cap installation (including custom caps), chase cover installation, and chimney waterproofing. All of these are a must when it comes to avoiding the costly damage that moisture can cause to Madison area chimneys.

How do they help?

  • Caps sit at the top of your flue, blocking out any moisture that tries to enter. As an added bonus, they keep out animals, nesting materials, leaves, twigs, and all kinds of outside debris, too. And having yours fitted and installed correctly is vital, which is why we urge you to trust our experts to custom fit your cap.
  • Chase covers are metal coverings that seal the top of a prefabricated chimney. Their presence is essential for keeping your chimney free of water and other outside elements. Don’t hesitate to reach out about having yours installed, repaired, or refitted right away.
  • Then, there’s waterproofing. This ensures your brickwork doesn’t soak in any water, while also allowing any moisture trapped inside to eventually vent out. When done by a professional (and with appropriate products), waterproofing guarantees years of protection, without affecting the look or aesthetic of your chimney whatsoever – well worth it.

Types of Water Damage

What exactly happens to masonry when maintenance and preventive care is avoided?

What most don’t realize about their masonry is that it’s extremely absorbent. Water doesn’t just roll right off, but rather soaks up into the brick – causing lots of crumbling, deterioration, and decay throughout the process.

And once temps drop below freezing, this water expands, putting tons of pressure on the masonry system as a whole. This is known as the freeze/thaw process, and if it happens multiple times a year (which is usually the case), it can cause your masonry chimney to prematurely deteriorate.

Unfortunately, when it comes to water damage, it doesn’t end with your brickwork and mortar. Once moisture is allowed easy access to your chimney system, it starts breaking down other areas, too. Before you know it, you’ll have rotted woodwork in nearby walls and attic spaces, stained walls and ceilings, rusted metal fireplace components, and various types of deterioration throughout your liner, firebox, smoke chamber, and more.

We’re guessing you don’t want to replace your chimney liner or shell out thousands for a reconstruction job any time soon. Avoid the hassle, stress, and financial strain by asking us about affordable preventive care options now.

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