When Keswick Residents Need Chimney Liner Repairs or Relining, They Call on The Chimney Guys

If you own a home in Keswick, Everettsville, Royal Acres, Rugby, Milton Heights, Shadwell Estates, Running Deer, Mechunk Acres, Milton, Shadwell Mountain, Campbell, Cismont, Hunters Hall, or somewhere nearby, there’s only one team to call on with your chimney concerns – The Chimney Guys!

Your chimney liner plays an extremely important role in keeping your chimney and fireplace operating safely and efficiently. If yours is damaged, the time to invest in repairs is now.


There are three main things your liner does to keep your home more comfortable and better protected when you light a fire in the fireplace. The first is protecting flammable housing materials from the intense heat your fire produces. For example, if your adjacent woodwork gets too hot, it could start a fire within just a matter of hours.

Your liner also plays a significant part in ensuring the smoke and byproducts of combustion go up and out of your chimney safely and efficiently. Your fireplace allows you to enjoy a fire in your home, but it’s largely your chimney liner that makes the experience a smoke-free, carbon monoxide-free one.

Finally, your liner protects your masonry. Brickwork is known for being strong, stable, and sturdy, but these materials simply aren’t designed to withstand direct heat from a fire. The liner ensures your masonry chimney doesn’t break down and fall apart prematurely by providing a barrier between the fire and the brickwork.

Because the liner is so important, it should be made from the toughest materials, right? Well, we think so! We’re proud to offer and install stainless steel liners, guaranteeing you years upon years of protection.

Now, sometimes the budget won’t allow for a full relining job. And sometimes, a full reline isn’t needed. That’s why we also offer HeatShield®. If your chimney qualifies, we may be able to seal all of the cracks, gaps, and holes throughout the liner with this specialized, high-quality, long-lasting product for a fraction of the cost.

Just schedule an inspection and we’ll let you know which option we recommend for your situation. Customer safety and satisfaction is our priority, and our track record speaks for itself. You won’t find a better crew to trust throughout Keswick!

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