A HomeSaver Stainless Steel Liner Provides Unparalleled Protection for Your Home & Chimney

A fireplace offers a cozy ambiance that’s hard to beat. But some of the risks associated with chimney damage can make you feel uneasy every time you go to light a fire.

With thoughts of chimney fires, gas leaks, smoke backup, and more looming in your mind, knowing everything is working well and safe for use is important. Fortunately, a durable, well-functioning chimney liner can put your mind at ease significantly.

In the past, chimney liners weren’t part of your normal fireplace setup, but in recent decades they have been shown to make a tremendous difference in safeguarding your home. That’s why it’s important that chimney liners are made from materials that last and provide reliable protection.

Please take the time to check out our stainless steel chimney liners.

When installing a new liner, stainless steel options are the only type we’d feel comfortable offering our customers in and surrounding Charlottesville. This material offers a wide array of benefits, but the biggest thing you’ll gain is peace of mind when operating your fireplace. Learn more about your future liner below.

Before Stainless Steel Liner view from top

Before Stainless Steel Liner

After Stainless Steel Liner nice and smooth

After Stainless Steel Liner

The Endless Benefits of Stainless Steel Liners

So, why are stainless liners such a great investment?

1. They’re Extremely Durable: Because your liner is put through so much stress over time, it needs to be made from a material that can withstand just about anything, and stainless steel meets this requirement.

2: They Offer More Efficiency: Want a liner that encourages less creosote buildup and a better performance overall? Stainless steel is the way to go.

3. They Work With Various Fuel Types: A big con of switching fuel types is having to invest in a new liner as well, but with stainless steel, this may no longer be a hurdle. Stainless steel liners are compatible with gas, wood, and pellet appliances, so you should be good to go, no matter what.

4. They Keep Your Home Safe & Secure: Stainless steel liners are so strong and sturdy that it’s nearly impossible for smoke, flames, carbon monoxide, and the like to break through. This ensures a safer environment for your loved ones.

5. They Last: Don’t want to spare the time and expense for a new liner any time soon? We can’t say we blame you! Fortunately, stainless steel options are known for their longevity, so this isn’t something you’ll have to think about again for a long, long time.

Why Are Liners Important?

So, you know you need a liner, and you know that stainless steel is the type to go with. But why are liners themselves such an indispensable piece of chimney anatomy? Well, the CSIA highlights these three main functions of the chimney liner:

Home Protection

Your fireplace is built to withstand fire and high temperatures, but the rest of your home isn’t. Every piece of your chimney needs to be in the best shape possible to ensure you and your family stay better protected. Without a liner in place, that heat could reach nearby woodwork in no time and ignite it within a matter of hours.

A Safeguard for Your Masonry

Brickwork can be deceiving because it’s known for being tough and durable, but certain elements weaken it significantly. The fumes and vapors your fireplace produces can be extremely corrosive to your masonry. They weaken the brick and mortar significantly, causing things to break down sooner than they should.They also create cracks and holes through which smoke and dangerous fumes – like carbon monoxide – can escape into your home. Your chimney liner protects against this.

Increased Efficiency

Finally, your liner helps guide all of the smoke, fumes, and gases your fires produce safely up and out of your home. This means that if it isn’t sized right or installed correctly, you’ll experience inefficiency and things will break down quicker than normal. You’ll also notice excessive creosote buildup.

Think You May Need a New Chimney Liner? Call The Chimney Guys

Fireplaces add peace and comfort to the home, and we want to help make sure you can enjoy yours with family for years to come. If you think it may be time for a new chimney liner, call 434-481-3796 or request an appointment online. You won’t find a crew that’s better at putting your needs first.


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