A Quality Chimney Liner Is Vital for Chimney Health & Home Safety

One chimney component that puts in lots of hours is the chimney liner. It serves multiple functions and, without a quality liner in place, your Charlottesville home could be at risk.

Over the years, tests have shown that fireplace systems without liners pose serious safety threats to homeowners. Basically, you need to have one in your chimney and it needs to be in good shape. Otherwise, disaster may ensue.

Now, your liner could be in great shape or totally breaking down, but you won’t know either way unless you schedule an inspection. We’d be happy to look things over and offer our professional insight. We’re CSIA-certified, highly experienced, and incredibly passionate about providing the premium services you deserve.

Why Might I Need a New Liner?

So, why might a new liner be in the stars for you? If we have to replace a liner, it’s usually due to one of the following reasons:

  • You don’t currently have a liner: Obviously if your liner is missing, you’ll have to have one installed. Like we’ve mentioned, you’re at high risk of a chimney and house fire if you don’t have one. Fortunately, we know how to install liners correctly, and we can address any damage to your system that we come across along the way, too.
  • Your current liner is damaged: A damaged liner provides ineffective protection. Flue gases and high heat will come into contact with your masonry, smoke and vapors won’t escape the chimney efficiently, and your chances of experiencing a house fire or carbon monoxide poisoning will increase significantly.
  • Performance is suffering: Remember how we pointed out the relationship between liners and efficiency? Your chimney might not be performing well because your liner isn’t sized right. You might notice drafting issues, smoke backup, and lots of creosote buildup, among other things.
  • You’ve switched fuel types: If you’ve converted to gas, switched to an insert, or did something else along these lines, a new liner may be necessary. Venting requirements vary based on what type of fireplace you have and which kind of fuel you are using, so be sure to check in with The Chimney Guys to be certain your system is set up appropriately.

Whatever is going on with your liner, you can count on us to take care of it for you. We have your back.

Crown Repair with three flues square oval and round top view

Crown Repair With Stainless Steel Liner

So, What Are My Options?

Let’s say you’ve had your inspection completed and the verdict is in – your liner needs some work. Where do you go from here? We have options.

Stainless Steel Liner Installation

One option we offer is stainless steel liner installation. Stainless steel liners are always a solid recommendation, and they offer lasting protection that is sure to never let you down. Just remember – correct installation is key! Even the strongest liner won’t protect your home if it isn’t fitted just right. Thanks to our training with the CSIA and our years of experience in the field, we know exactly what to do and won’t let you down.


Another option is HeatShield®, which offers a smooth, durable system for your flue that’s known to be just as effective as a full relining job (only at a fraction of the cost). It also requires less time and labor, which means fewer days of stress on your end. It’s a great option for many, especially if your liner isn’t too far gone. Ask us about it today!

Live in the Charlottesville Area & Need Some Liner Repairs? Give Us a Call!

Live in Greene County, Orange County, Albemarle County, Nelson County, or Madison County? When you need chimney liner repairs or a relining, reach out to us at 434-481-3796. We’d be happy to check your liner over and ensure you’re all set for any future fires you burn. That’s what we’re here for!


When you do as many chimney repairs and installations as we do, then fireplace and firebox repairs are something we know we can handle for you.