Let The Chimney Guys Ensure Your Nellysford Chimney Is Properly Cared for & Ready for Anything

We work hard to be the best, because homeowners in Nellysford, Wintergreen, Lodebar, Gullysville, Martins Store, Adial, Beech Grove, Woods Mill, Twin Poplars, Ottoway, Old Myndus, Ramsey, Lawthorne Mill, Afton, and all of the areas surrounding deserve superb chimney care.

The various parts that make up your chimney and fireplace all need to be working well and operating efficiently if you want the best performance from your system. In fact, even the smallest area of damage can lead to bigger problems down the line – like settlements, chimney fires, collapses, and more.

Take your chimney cap for example. A missing, deteriorating, or poorly fitted cap may not seem like that big of a deal, but this is one simple component that actually does quite a bit. In fact, without it, water could enter and break down your chimney liner in a hurry, putting your home and family at serious risk.

Plus, your chimney cap keeps out birds and woodland critters, prevents downdrafts, and blocks all that harmful outdoor debris from entering your chimney. And to top it off, it even prevents stray sparks and embers from exiting the chimney and starting a fire on your roof or elsewhere on your property.

Now, flues come in all shapes and sizes, so if you’re anxious to get a chimney cap on yours, it’s important to hire someone who really knows what they’re doing. If it’s installed wrong or isn’t the right size for your flue, it won’t do an effective job protecting your system, and it will wear down a lot faster, too.

Call The Chimney Guys to ensure everything is custom-fitted just right to your unique setup.

We offer courteous, professional care

It’s always important to have any broken or missing chimney parts replaced or fixed right away. And having a team that does the job correctly is an important part of the process. That’s where The Chimney Guys come into the picture.

If you live on Rockfish Valley Highway, Adial Road, Stone Orchard Drive, Monocan Drive, Deer Run Drive, Cedar Meadow Drive, Blue Chickory Lane, Rosewood Drive, Mulligan Lane, High View Lane, or anywhere else in the area, and you think your chimney may need professional care, our CSIA-certified sweeps are the ones to call on.

Want to know more about what we offer our customer base in Nellysford? Our full list of services includes these:

We’re Licensed, Insured & Dedicated to Customer Satisfaction

We want you to feel the peace of mind you deserve when it comes to your chimney and fireplace, which is why we do everything we can to guarantee your satisfaction and safety. You won’t find a team that’s as passionate and professional as ours throughout Heards, Onan, Charlottesville, Ruckersville, Durrett Town, Love, Earlysville, Keswick, and their surrounding areas.

When it comes to your fireplace and chimney, safety needs to be the priority, which is why we dedicate so much time to staying knowledgeable and being the best of the best. We have over 10 years of training and on-the-job experience under our belts, and we’ve earned our CSIA certification, so you can rest assured we know what we’re doing.

So, congratulations – your search for a chimney company you can trust with it is all over! Call us now at 434-481-3796 or reach out online to book an inspection with our team.


When it comes to providing professional chimney services within our service area, we’ll never be late for any of our clients in Earlysville!