Concerned About a Damaged Firebox? Our Professional, Experienced Crew Knows Just What to Do

The firebox is the area of your system that plays host to all of your cozy fires. No other component of your fireplace can withstand heat like the firebox can, but it’s this quality that sometimes causes it to be overlooked. Because it’s known for being so strong and durable, many forget that the firebox needs care from time to time, too!

What Breaks Fireboxes Down?

So, what is it exactly that causes damage to this area of your fireplace?

  • Well, as with many other areas of your home, water is a big hazard. If your chimney is leaking or showing signs of moisture-related damage, then it’s likely your firebox is water-damaged, too. Watch out for cracking or decay if this is where you find yourself.
  • Another thing to consider is the constant exposure to high temperatures this area experiences. Fireboxes are designed to stay strong fire after fire, but eventually all that direct heat is going to take a toll. Keep in mind that addressing a small crack early on will always be a better option than tackling a full rebuild down the line – a solid reason to never put off firebox repairs!
  • Creosote is another foe that can build up and damage the firebox. Since fires are literally built in this area of your system and creosote is highly flammable, this isn’t something to take any chances with. Have creosote removed by a professional team ASAP!
  • Sometimes the problem lies with the initial construction of the firebox. It’s an unfortunate fact, but not every contractor knows what they’re doing. If whoever built your firebox was in a hurry and just wanted to collect their pay and get out of there, then it’s likely you’ll face problems down the line related to poor construction.
  • Finally, consider whether or not your system experienced damage in the past, as this could eventually affect your firebox. If your system settled at one point, the safety and structural stability of your firebox is likely compromised.

What all of these issues really highlight is the need to be aware. Essentially, if you notice anything aesthetically wrong with your firebox (broken bricks, staining, etc.), it’s time to call us in. This isn’t an area you want to neglect!

Your Firebox & Chimney Fires

Chimney fires are known for the vast amount of damage they can cause to an entire system. What many don’t realize is how they start and what can be done to prevent them. The biggest reason a chimney fire will occur is because of creosote buildup.

So, how is this avoided? Well, creosote will always form as you build fires, but you can minimize the rate at which it accumulates by doing things like burning only seasoned wood, keeping your fires hot, and reducing condensation within your flue. Another must? Invest in a sweeping! This is a vital part of chimney maintenance.

And when it comes to your firebox, if creosote has built up at all, quit using your fireplace until a sweep can remove it all. Creosote is highly flammable, and since your firebox contains your fires, it’s an especially vulnerable area.

Other Threats You Might Face With a Damaged Firebox

Once a firebox has experienced damage, whether it’s due to a chimney fire or something else, the rest of your home is immediately at risk. When a fire is built in a damaged firebox, it won’t take long for heat to work its way through any imperfections and into your home’s construction materials.

Wood, insulation, drywall, and the like aren’t made to withstand heat like your fireplace is, so you can imagine how quickly flames might spread if this occurs. Assuming things will be fine and lighting a fire anyway isn’t a worthwhile risk.

Other threats come in the form of smoke and carbon monoxide exposure, both of which will gain easy access to your home if firebox damage is present.

Firebox Repair and Rebuild sagging grate

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Even if you’ve never heard of it, smoke chamber parging is one of the chimney repairs and installations we perform for the safe operation of your fireplace. Ask us about it today.