Hesitant to Invest in a Full Chimney Relining Job? Consider HeatShield®

An unfortunate but accurate truth is that a damaged chimney liner needs to be repaired or replaced before a fireplace is safe for use again. This is one repair job that can’t be ignored or put off, and the longer your liner goes unattended to, the worse the damage is going to get.

Relining is often the go-to answer for homeowners in this position. It can take a lot of money and manpower to get the job done, but there’s simply no other alternative.

…or is there?

The reality is that there may in fact be a better option for those whose system isn’t too far gone – HeatShield®.

The Straw Effect

Have you ever heard of the straw effect? It’s a common analogy in the chimney sweep world because it offers a perfect picture for how your chimney works. If this terminology is new to you, here’s a little overview.

Imagine you’ve got your favorite drink to sip on, but you have to use a straw to drink it. Now, if the straw is intact, this won’t be a problem. But what if the straw has cracks and holes throughout? Drinking out of it won’t likely prove very effective, will it?

Your chimney works similarly. If the smoke and fumes that your fireplace produces hit gaps and openings on their way up your chimney, your draft is going to be inadequate. These vapors are supposed to simply rise and escape outside, but it’ll be hard to make that trip if there are countless snags along the way.

What happens instead is that the fumes end up in your home, putting everyone inside of it at risk. So, how does one prevent this from happening?

Easy! Fill the holes. This is what HeatShield® can do for your chimney.

Got It. Can You Tell Me More?

So, what exactly is HeatShield®? Well, it’s essentially a ceramic material that fills any gaps and openings throughout the interior part of your chimney. If there are any missing mortar joints, cracks, holes, or imperfections, HeatShield® will fill them so that your liner is good as new. Say goodbye to harmful voids for good!

Now, there are two routes to take when applying HeatShield® – joint repair or a whole resurfacing system. Joint repair is for damage that isn’t too extensive. We’ll take that durable material and fill everything up, so that your chimney is back to it’s smooth, original self in no time.

Heatshield Joint Repair Application graphic showing cracks and gaps before application

HeatShield® Joint Repair Application

Resurfacing flue with HeatShield

HeatShield® Resurfacing

The resurfacing system is for the chimney that needs more than just some basic repairs. In these cases, we’ll prime and clean everything, then add a full quarter-inch layer of the HeatShield® product to the inside of your chimney. Using a custom-made applicator plug, we’ll pull everything up through your chimney, so that you have that thick layer of protection you need at the end of it all.

How Do I Know if Heatshield® Is Right for Me?

Now, there are some scenarios in which Heatshield® simply will not work. For example, if the tile pieces that make up your liner are completely missing, then relining will be your only solid option.

Unfortunately, missing tiles mean that there are major voids that Heatshield® simply cannot fill. That being said, instances like these are rare, so there’s a very good chance we could apply these products to your system.

And how do we know if you qualify? Well, we’ll need to get an inspection booked, so our CSIA-certified crew can look things over. We’re the crew you can trust to let you know if HeatShield® is the right choice for your chimney. If it’s not, we’ll let you know exactly what your system needs, so you can get back to using it safely. So call 434-481-3796 or request an appointment online today to have your chimney liner inspected by a courteous and knowledgeable professional.


One long-lasting chimney liner option is stainless steel liners. Give us a call to find out more.