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Even minor damage to your chimney can lead to bigger, costlier issues down the line. If you live in Crozet, Wayland Park, Laurel Hills, Parkview, Orchard Acres, Brookwood, The Meadows, Foothill Village, Thurston, Brownsville, Freetown, Madison, Barboursville, Afton, or anywhere else close by, call on The Chimney Guys for repairs, maintenance, and preventive services.

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When regularly inspected and maintained, the masonry, chimney liner, firebox, and all of the other components of your chimney system can provide reliable service for years and years. Yet, if these areas are cracking, crumbling, or leaking, they could fail and lead to all kinds of problems that require expensive, time-consuming fixes.

Leaks and water damage are often the main culprits behind major repairs. Just remember – the more moisture breaks things down, the less safe, reliable, and efficient your system will be. And if these problems go unacknowledged, your home and family could be put at serious risk.

Looking to Avoid Expensive Repair Jobs? We Can Help

Now, ideally, customers hope to avoid repair work altogether. This is a great goal to strive for! What can you do to accomplish it? Have great fireplace maintenance and use practices.

Burning only seasoned wood in your fireplace guarantees less creosote buildup and reduces your masonry’s exposure to acidic moisture. Never burn fresh wood, trash, plastic, or cardboard. Only burn wood that has been adequately dried out for at least six months for optimal results – your chimney will thank you!

Another must? Yearly inspections and sweepings as needed. Sometimes inspections reveal that minor repair work is needed, but spotting these issues early on helps save you money. Scheduling these services well ahead of the fall and winter helps ensure your system is safe for use and ready to fire right up come burning season.

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