The Chimney Guys Can Repair & Prevent Chimney Damage for Folks in Afton

A team of sweeps that puts your needs first is hard to find. But for folks in Afton, Brookville Manor, Swannanoa, Blue Ridge Acres, Avon, Onan, Basic City, Waynesboro, Chinquapin, Durrett Town, Greenwood, The Country Store, Dooms, and all the cities and towns nearby, the search is over. Rely on our qualified and experienced crew for all of your chimney and fireplace needs!

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Seeing missing brickwork, crumbling mortar, cracks in your crown, and other signs of chimney damage can be alarming for any homeowner. You want to put a stop to the damage fast, but in order to do that, you have to know what the root cause of the damage is.

Let’s look at some of the most common causes of chimney damage we see in the Afton area.

What’s Triggering My Chimney Problems?

What might be causing your chimney’s brickwork to crack and crumble? Well, water-related issues are one of the more common things to be wary of. A leaky chimney can damage brickwork, as well as chimney liners, flashing, woodwork in nearby walls and attics, and more. So doing what you can to keep water out of your chimney is vital.

We can help! We offer waterproofing and other forms of preventtive maintenance, so this is never a problem you’ll have to worry about with The Chimney Guys on speed-dial.

What’s another common cause of chimney damage? Creosote. If regular sweepings aren’t part of your fireplace maintenance routine, then creosote will build up inside the chimney and could eventually cause a chimney fire. Chimney fires can cause significant damage that is costly and time-consuming to address.

Fortunately, our crew has the knowledge, experience, and training to take on any issue you’re facing. We can even help you prevent issues with a little preventive maintenance.

We Make it Possible for the Afton Community to Enjoy Safer, Longer-Lasting Chimney Systems

You’ve likely heard horror stories about how even the smallest gaps and openings in the chimney system can invite smoke, carbon monoxide, and flames into a home, and we’re guessing you don’t want to take any risks. Well, you’re right in playing it safe!

Any type of damage to a chimney structure can lead to some devastating scenarios, which is why we’re so passionate about bringing the best possible chimney services and repairs to homeowners on Afton Mountain Road, Afton House Lane, Afton Depot Lane, Old Turnpike Road, Afton Chapel Road, Stagecoach Road, Wyant Hill Lane, Rockfish Gap Turnpike, Royal Orchard Drive, and all throughout the Afton area.

If you haven’t noticed any damage, investing in preventive care can keep things that way. Whether you’re in Lyndhurst, Yancey Mills, Ladd, Kingsbury Manor, Barboursville, Crozet, Ivy, or somewhere else in the area, put your chimney in good hands. Call The Chimney Guys at 434-481-3796 or reach out to us online today.


If you’re having major or minor issues with your chimney system and you live in Nellysford, you never have to worry about dependable, quality service because you are already part of our great service area.