Although it’s often viewed as one solid structure, your chimney is actually made up of all kinds of different parts. They all have a specific function, and they all work together to keep the chimney protected and in good working order.

The components on the top of a chimney – chase covers, chimney crowns, and chimney caps – are some of the most important parts. They help to protect the flue from water and weather damage, and they also provide a way for smoke and gases to escape when a fire is lit. In addition, these parts help to keep out birds and other animals.

That said, it’s easy to get these parts confused since they sound similar and all reside in the same area of the chimney. All of them are designed to keep your chimney functioning properly for years to come, but they actually serve different purposes.

We’re here to go over the differences between a chimney crown, a chase cover, and a chimney cap, so that you can have a better understanding of how your chimney works. The more you know, the safer and more efficiently you can use your system down the line!

What Are Chimney Crowns?

Chimney crowns are an important part of a masonry chimney structure. They sit on the very top of the chimney, extending from the liner to the edge, and they slant slightly downward to help guide water away from the chimney opening and the sides of the chimney.

Crowns, Caps, Covers - Charlottesville VA - The Chimney Guys VA chimneyWater can cause serious damage to the masonry of a chimney and it can also lead to the mold growth, rust, and the deterioration of the flue liner. Crowns play a big role in keeping everything better protected. 

Unfortunately, chimney crowns can deteriorate from constant exposure to the elements. Because of this, they should be inspected on a regular basis to ensure that everything is in good condition. If any cracks or leaks are spotted, you should have the crown repaired as soon as possible. And it was originally made from mortar, it may need to be rebuilt with a more reliable concrete mix.

What Are Chimney Chase Covers?

Chimney chase covers are found on top of factory-built (or prefabricated) fireplaces, which are constructed onsite when the home is built. Chase covers, also called top pans or chase pans, are made of metal and cover the entire top of the chimney chase. They look like a “shoe box lid” and provide the same protection as a chimney crown with a chimney cap set in the center.

Chimney chase covers can be made from galvanized metal or stainless steel. Over time the galvanized chase covers will break down resulting in water pooling, rust, and the formation of holes – all of which make the system and your home more vulnerable. Because of this, we recommend stainless steel chase covers. They’re usually more expensive upfront, but pay themselves off quickly when you consider how much you save in repairs and replacement covers down the line.

In addition to preventing water damage, chimney chase covers also help to keep out debris, pests, leaves, twigs, and other small objects that can easily become trapped in a chimney without a covering in place.

What Are Chimney Caps?

Chimney caps are an essential part of any home with a chimney. They help to keep out rain, snow, and animals while also preventing sparks from escaping and landing on your roof. Chimney caps have a solid lid and typically feature a mesh screen that covers the sides of the cap. They can be made from a variety of materials, including stainless steel, copper, and aluminum.

Crowns, Caps, Covers - Charlottesville VA - The Chimney Guys VA chimney capIn addition to protecting your home from the elements and wildlife, chimney caps also help prevent leaves and other debris from entering the chimney. Unnoticed blockages can result in smoke entering the home and chimney fires.

As you can imagine, chimney caps play an important role in maintaining the safety of your chimney and no system should be without one. Invest in this affordable piece of anatomy today if yours is broken or missing. Our team of experts would be happy to set you up!

How Do I Know Which Component Is Right for My Chimney?

Since you are now familiar with the differences between a chimney crown, chase cover, and chimney cap, you may be wondering which one is right for you.

The answer to this question depends on the type of chimney you have. If you have a masonry chimney, then you will need a chimney crown. If you have a prefabricated chimney, then you will need a chase cover. And no matter which type of system you have, a chimney cap is always a must.

All three of these are designed to protect your chimney and extend the life of it, as well as protect your home from potential damage. When choosing a chimney cap or chimney chase cover, or having your chimney crown rebuilt, it is important to invest in quality materials and trust a team that really knows their stuff. Do this, and you can be sure that your chimney will last for many years to come.

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