Chimney liners serve a very important role when it comes to operating your fireplace as safely and as efficiently as possible. Not only do they ensure a clear pathway for smoke and fumes to escape, but they also keep your masonry appropriately protected from acidic fumes and vapors, too.

Basically, without a sturdy and properly installed liner in place you could be more vulnerable to house fires, carbon monoxide and smoke exposure, and chimney decay and deterioration.

Fortunately for folks living in and close to Charlottesville, the crew at The Chimney Guys, LLC is here to help. No matter your reason for needing a new liner, we’ll get you taken care of!

We Can Install a Stainless Steel Liner

Now, in some cases, installing a stainless steel liner might be the best option. There are lots of benefits to investing in a stainless steel liner. These include:

  • Durability: Stainless steel can withstand just about anything which is exactly the quality you want in a chimney liner. They’re also corrosion-resistant – nothing will be getting through anytime soon!
  • Increased Safety: Since it’s basically impossible for smoke, flames, dangerous toxins, and anything else to get past stainless steel, you can rest easier knowing your home and loved ones will be better protected throughout every burning season.Relining Services - Charlottesville VA - The Chimney Guys
  • Versatility: One appealing feature of a stainless steel chimney liner is its compatibility to all fuel types. If you think you may switch up fuel types down the line, then investing in stainless steel is a good option, as you’ll have less to deal with when the time comes.
  • Long-Lasting: Most stainless steel liners come with a lifetime warranty, so there’s no denying their longevity. If you want a liner that’ll stand the test of time, you can’t go wrong with stainless steel!
  • Insulation Options: Do you experience cold downdrafts when your fireplace isn’t in use? Insulating your liner could help with this, and with stainless steel this is always an option. You’ll also notice better draft and efficiency, since hotter fumes draw better than cooler ones.
  • Easy Installation: Stainless steel liners are relatively easy to install, meaning you’ll be back to using your chimney in no time! Along with this, they’re known for being easy to maintain and clean – a win all around.

Interested in HeatShield®? We’ve Gotcha Covered

If you’re not looking to invest in a full relining job, HeatShield® may be something to consider. We offer two types of HeatShield® – joint repair or the whole resurfacing system.

With the joint repair proceRelining Services - Charlottesville VA - The Chimney Guys imagess, we’ll use the HeatShield® Cerfractory® Flue Sealant mixture to fill in any missing mortar joints throughout your flue tiles. This process also fills in any minor cracks, holes, or gaps, as well, ensuring you can operate your system as safely as possible.

If more extensive damage, such as spalling and some serious cracking has occurred, you’ll need the resurfacing system. In these scenarios, a full ¼” thick layer of HeatShield® products will be poured into your flue, leaving you with a durable wall of protection, and ensuring any imperfections are filled and covered.

Now, there are some instances where HeatShield® isn’t an option. If your system is missing flue tiles altogether, then you’ll need more extensive repairs done to fill those voids. Fortunately, cases like these are quite rare, so it’s more than likely we’ll be able to apply one of the methods above.

When Is a New Liner Necessary?

What situations call for a new liner? Well, first of all, if your liner is missing altogether, having one installed as soon as possible is imperative. Back in the old days, chimneys weren’t typically lined, but nowadays experts know more about the dangers that invited. We’re talking carbon monoxide exposure, house fires, chimney fires, smoke entering your home, and more.

In other scenarios, your liner may be damaged or affecting the performance of your chimney. A damaged liner can leave your masonry vulnerable to breaking down (which then leads to some of those dangerous situations we’ve talked about), and if your liner isn’t sized or installed right, you simply won’t get the efficiency you’re hoping for.

Finally, sometimes homeowners need to have a new liner installed because they’re switching fuel types. Clay tiles, for instance, are not compatible with the fumes produced by modern gas appliances, in which case it may be necessary to upgrade to a stainless steel liner.

You Deserve the Best – Rely On Our Team!

We’re here to ensure folks in Earlysville, Crozet, Ruckersville, Keswick, and all of the surrounding towns and cities get the highest level of chimney care possible. If you need a new liner, some repair services completed, an inspection, or anything else chimney or fireplace related, our experienced, CSIA-certified experts are the team to trust!

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