One of the services the team here at The Chimney Guys, LLC offers to Charlottesville residents is smoke chamber parging. This is a necessary service that can greatly improve your fireplace experience, but many homeowners find themselves confused about what exactly it entails, why it’s necessary, or even where their smoke chamber is in the first place.

Well, we’re all about answering all of your questions and helping you stay well-informed about all things chimney. This leads to a safer and more comfortable fireplace experience overall, and there’s nothing we take more seriously than the satisfaction of our customers!

Read on to learn more about this process, and feel free to give us a call if you still need some things answered. We’ve got your back!

Where Is My Smoke Chamber?

Not sure where your smoke chamber even is or what its function is? No worries – lots of homeowners know little about this piece of chimney anatomy because it’s hidden away and out of sight.

Smoke-Chamber-Parging-Charlottesvilel-VA-The-Chimney-GuysYour smoke chamber is the area directly above your firebox, and it’s essentially shaped like an upside down funnel. Its job is to direct the smoke from your fires safely up to your flue, where they can then escape out of your home.

Unfortunately, smoke chambers of the past were built with a corbeled design (looking like a staircase), which isn’t really ideal for funneling out smoke. Rather, the vapors and acidic fumes tend to get caught up on the bricks, where they break things down and cause more damage. This also leads to inefficiency with your draft and airflow. Your fires will burn less efficiently, and you could experience some smoke backup, too.

Cue smoke chamber parging.

Smoke Chamber Parging Explained

Smoke chamber parging is the process of smoothing out this area, so smoke can easily glide up into your flue without getting caught up on anything along the way.

The service includes thoroughly cleaning the space, then using our specialized tools and products to fill in any gaps, holes, and voids that are present. Once everything dries, you’ll be good to go!

Now, this may sound like a simple enough process, but when it comes to actually doing it, having a qualified tech on the job is imperative. If any imperfections are still present, smoke will be able to work its way in and start causing damage, in which case you’ll be forced to shell out dough for even more repair work down the line.

If you’re looking for guaranteed efficiency and overall cost-savings overtime, investing in parging work soon (and from a CSIA-certified professional) is the right route to take.

But… Is It REALLY Necessary?

Now, some question whether or not it’s that big of a deal if smoke chamber parging is done. If your fireplace and chimney are doing a good enough job, is it still worth making the investment?

Yes! As mentioned above, the stair step design causes your smoke to get caught up on its way out of the chimney, and while it may not be breaking things down now, overtime this can trigger buildup. The more buildup you have, the more your system will break down, crack, and crumble. If enough damage is done, dangerous fumes could enter your home, and any adjacent woodwork will be more vulnerable to catch on fire, too.

Not to mention, some of this buildup includes creosote, which is known for being highly flammable and the main cause of chimney fires – definitely something you want to avoid!

You’ll also experience less efficiency, as your smoke won’t exit your home as smoothly, and your airflow will be compromised, as well.

Finally, most building and home regulations nowadays actually require that the smoke chamber be parged. Should you eventually try to sell, renovate, or even look for insurance coverage after an accident or chimney fire, ensuring everything is up to code will be essential. Save yourself hassle down the line by investing in appropriate care now!

How Do I Know If I Need Parging?

Not sure where your smoke chamber stands or if parging is something you need? It can be hard to get a good look at this area of your chimney, and if you don’t have the trained eyes of a professional, then knowing what services you need will be next to impossible.

The best way to know for sure whether or not you need smoke chamber parging is to hire us for an inspection. An in-depth chimney inspection will reveal whether any issues are present in your smoke chamber, and we’ll be sure to look over the rest of your system, as well, to make sure everything is functioning safely and efficiently.

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