Many homeowners often ask: Is it better to schedule a chimney inspection and sweeping early or wait until the fall season, right before you use it?

Some people think the latter option is the way to go, but experts disagree. According to the pros, it’s ideal to schedule chimney inspections on the earlier side.

What Does a Professional Chimney Sweep Include?

Working with a professional chimney services company can do wonders for your chimney and venting system. They can remove obstructions and pests safely and effectively, and while a do-it-yourself project may seem like a good idea, you can unintentionally damage the system or even injure yourself in the process.

Professional chimney inspections and sweepings usually include the following:

  • Inspecting and cleaning the fireplace, firebox, liners, and smoke chamber
  • Recommending repairs, if necessary
  • If performing a level 2 inspection, inspecting via video to detect unseen damage

Why Should You Clean Your Chimney?

A clean chimney is essential. Below are some ways that a professional chimney inspection and sweeping can benefit you and your home during the burn season:

  • Early Sweep - Charlottesville VA - Chimney Guys socialEnhance Safety: Dirty chimneys can become dangerous because they don’t exhaust ash as they should. This backup causes smoke to billow, and it can even start fires. For your safety, always have your chimney system maintained.
  • Prevent Mold Growth: When your chimney is dirty, it won’t just spew off soot and ash… Its damp ecosystem can encourage mold growth. With this fungus lingering in your home, you’ll be more at risk for damage and illness. Regular chimney sweepings are necessary to keep your home mold-free.
  • Keep Animals at Bay: Your chimney can attract animals like bats, birds, and rodents since its structure provides them with the protection they need from the elements. These creatures often leave droppings, branches, and dirt behind. With regular inspections and cleaning sessions, you can keep your chimney cap in tip-top shape, keeping animals — and all they bring in — outside where they belong.
  • Minimize Toxicity: If your chimney system is clogged and not working as it should because of debris buildup it can potentially produce high carbon monoxide levels in your home. This chemical can be deadly and can cause various health concerns. If you are new to a home it is vital you get the venting system checked out before use.
  • Save Money in the Long RunLike your car, you should have your chimney regularly maintained because it prevents further damage down the line. And not cleaning it annually can affect other parts of your home, including your heating system. Keep in mind that regular sweepings are more cost-effective than expensive repairs or potential replacements.

How Often Should You Have Experts Sweep Your Chimney?

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for homes. The answer to this question depends on various conditions, including frequency of use and fireplace type. However, in most cases, an annual chimney sweeping and inspection should suffice and is recommended by the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association).

What are the Benefits of Scheduling a Chimney Cleaning Early?

You can enjoy several advantages if you schedule chimney sweeping and inspections early. When you schedule early, you can:

  • Enjoy Discounts When Given: Sometimes, spring and summer aren’t as busy for chimney companies, so often they offer discounts during these seasons. Additionally, booking chimney services before fall or winter eases the financial stress associated with the holidays.
  • Avoid Cold Nights: Cleaning a chimney requires discontinued use for 24 hours before your appointment. Plus, if you need repairs, it might take a few more days to address them. Instead of suffering through cold nights, you can opt for an early schedule and have your chimney evaluated when you don’t need (or want) to use it.
  • Fight the Chimney Sweep Rush: Fall and winter are busy seasons for chimney service companies since most homeowners don’t think of hiring them in the spring or summer. If you want quick services from your preferred technicians, book your cleaning sessions before the rush.
  • Achieve Peace of Mind: When winter rolls in and your chimney isn’t ready for it, you’ll be in a panicked state as you add it to your ever-growing to-do list for the season. Fortunately, chimney sweeps are one of those once-a-year services you can complete before the snow arrives.

Request Forward Scheduling

Most chimney service contractors offer forward scheduling — pre-booking the same service in advance for a particular period. For instance, if you want to request the same chimney services for three years, you can call us at 434-443-5153 and we’ll get that scheduled.

Book Your Chimney Sweep Now

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