Looking to get your fall maintenance scheduled? Perfect! The Chimney Guys, LLC would love to be there for you through it all – and we’ve got a few tips that will both make your life easier and ensure our service goes smoother.

Book Your Spot Early!

First things first – the earlier you can book your inspection and other maintenance, the better. Fall is our busiest time of year, and it doesn’t take long for our schedule books to fill up. Because of this, the longer you wait, the harder it may be to find a time slot that is convenient for you. You may have to push the start of your burning season back, and if extensive repair work is Scheduling Tips - Charlottesville VA - The Chimney Guys LLCrequired, then you’ll have to wait even longer!

In fact, down the line, we highly recommend getting maintenance done as early as spring or summer! All too often, we have customers that get their inspection booked in the fall, figuring they’ll be good to go once we’re through. But then we discover hidden issues that need addressing, and they’re forced to schedule even further care, only this time during our busy season.

Soon, any thoughts of a comforting, cozy night by the fire are pushed back weeks and weeks.

On the flip side, if you book in the early spring or summer, you can get your inspection done with plenty of time to spare for any necessary repair or restoration work.

We make booking early appointments easier than ever with our forward scheduling options. Basically, just give us a call anytime and let us know what time throughout June and July works best for your appointment. Then, we’ll mark you down, and send reminders as the date approaches

Basically, you book your spot, then don’t have to think about it again – it doesn’t get easier than that!

Always Hire a CSIA-Certified Sweep

The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) has been a national leader in the chimney and venting industry since its start back in 1983. It’s a nonprofit organization that strives to keep both chimney sweeps and homeowners educated and well-informed on all things chimney.

And if your sweep has taken the time to earn and maintain a certification with the CSIA, you can bet they’re dedicated to providing the best, most in-depth service possible.

Gaining this certification requires going through an extensive exam process, and it needs to be renewed every three years in order to stay valid, so it takes time and dedication to earn and maintain it. Along with this, CSIA-certified sweeps must sign a code of ethics, promising to offer homeowners honest, accurate assessments and to always be respectful and professional.

In the end, when you hire a CSIA-certified chimney sweep, you can rest easier knowing you’re in the best hands.

Here at The Chimney Guys, LLC, we’re CSIA-certified, we have over a decade of in-the-field experience, and we’re both licensed and insured. Top it off with the values of a family-owned company, and you’ve got a team you can turn to for it all!

Preparing for Our Arrival

Now, let’s say you’ve got everything booked, and your appointment is just around the corner. What can you do to ensure you’re prepared for arrival? We ask that you do the following to ensure everything gets done safely and seamlessly:

  • Stop using your fireplace for 24 hours before the appointment. This is a safety precaution that ensures we don’t wind up getting seriously hurt from any areas that are still hot from your previous fires.
  • Remove any ash from the firebox. This makes our service go a lot smoother and quicker, and it allows us to get right to work upon arriving at your home. It also reduces the risk of your furniture and carpet getting dirty.
  • Remove any belongings surrounding the fireplace. If there are items on your mantel, take it down, and do your best to remove any decor, plants, furniture, etc. surrounding the fireplace, as well. If you could create an open 5 – 6 foot radius for us to work that would be ideal! This gives us plenty of space to do our job without the risk of breaking your belongings.
  • Be ready with questions! If you have any questions about your fireplace or chimney that you’d like answered, be sure to let us know! You can also watch us work if you’d like, if you’re looking to get a more inside scoop.

Don’t Put It Off – Call Today!

When it comes to chimney care, you deserve the best, and that’s exactly what you get when you work with us. Reach out to set up an appointment with our team – we’d love to get started as soon as possible.

Call 434-443-5153 today!