Looking for some ways to cozy up your space this winter? Once temps drop, it can feel like you’re stuck inside night after night with nothing to do, but the addition of a wood stove could be just the thing you need to amp up your wintertime game. Not only does it add warmth and comfort, but it creates the perfect aesthetic for holiday parties, small get-togethers, or even just regular nights in with your family.

So, bring out the board games, grab your favorite books and movies, and buy some cozy blankets because we’ve got just the appliance you need to create the perfect atmosphere this season!

Woods Stoves Offer Countless Benefits

What makes a wood stove so desirable to homeowners in today’s market? Well, there are tons of pros to picking these over other appliance options out there. Some benefits include:

  • Efficiency: Traditional wood-burning fireplace setups are great for aesthetics, but when it comes to efficiency they fall short. Tons of heat is lost through the chimney, leaving homeowners without that cozy feeling everyone desires when temperatures drop. What’s the point of owning a heating appliance if it doesn’t perform well? Wood stoves excel in this category, giving off plenty of heat, so you’re sure to not be disappointed.
  • Placement Flexibility: If you have a smaller space or a more awkward setup in your home, then you may think any dreams of owning a fireplace are out the window. But have you considered a wood stove? These systems can be placed nearly anywhere in the home, opening a whole new store of options for you!
  • Wood Is Cheap: Wood is an affordable, renewable fuel that is widely available and easy to store. And what beats the sounds and visual appeal of crackling wood?
  • Reliability in Power Outages: Wood stoves don’t run on electricity, so you can guarantee warmth, light, and comfort for your household, even when everything else shuts down. This is a comforting thought as we enter these colder months!
  • Added Beauty: There’s a charm and ambiance wood stoves offer to any living space. And in today’s market, there’s no shortage of design options! Choose between modern or contemporary, and from a variety of sizes, styles, and colors.
  • Environmentally-Friendly: Who doesn’t want to reduce their carbon footprint? When it comes to heating appliances, wood stoves are some of the most eco-friendly, since wood is a carbon neutral fuel. Basically the carbon dioxide it gives off when burned is equal to the amount consumed by other trees in the environment, so everything stays balanced. You can burn wood guilt-free!
  • Lower Energy Bills: Did you know incorporating a wood stove into your home can help lower your energy bills? Because they’re so efficient, they can heat a large space, giving you the ability to lower your thermostat and still stay warm and cozy.
  • Cooking Capabilities: Some designs of wood stoves double as a stove top, giving you an alternative cooking option. And if it doesn’t have a stove-top option, there’s always the option to roast marshmallows!

No Chimney? No Problem.

A big concern when many consider a heat source in their home is whether or not they need a chimney. Many modern homes don’t come equipped with one, so homeowners might assume a wood stove isn’t an option for them (unless some major reconstruction work was done).

This isn’t the case! We can install a twin-wall flue system throughout your wall or roof. This gives those fumes a safe and effective escape out of the home, only without the addition of a full-blown masonry chimney.

These systems are reasonably quick and easy for us to install, and we have the tools to make it look smooth and seamless – not like an unsightly pipe running through your home. Ask us about options today – we’d love to talk it over with you!

We Work With Trusted Brands

We’re not about selling products we don’t believe in (or wouldn’t put in our own homes). That’s why, when it comes to wood stoves, we sell only Regency and Napoleon. Both are highly reputable brands in the industry, and they have limitless options for you to go through, so you’ll find something to love in no time.

And you can bet all of their products are long-lasting, reliable, and operate safely when properly installed by a professional.

Ready to Get Started? Give Us a Call!

Cold weather is already starting to make an appearance, so don’t hesitate to reach out to our team of experts today. We’d be happy to get this process going for you, so that you’re all set and ready to enjoy the holidays to the fullest!

And if you need other chimney-related services this season, such as an inspection, a sweeping, some repair work, a new chimney cap, or anything else, please reach out to us. We look forward to being there for you every step of the way!