Noticing chimney leaks during these rainier months? Excess moisture can be extremely harmful to the health of your fireplace system, so if you’re noticing leaks and water-related damage throughout your chimney, firebox, or even your roof, it’s time to call us in!

The Dangers of Chimney Water Damage

So, what types of damage can water do? Here are some of the more common water-related issues our customers face:

  • Rust: There are numerous parts of your chimney that are made of metal (flashing, chimney caps, chase covers, etc.), and these can easily rust if they’re not appropriately installed or are facing other kinds of damage. Once rust starts to form, they won’t be able to do their job and the rest of your system will be more vulnerable to damage because of this.
  • Decay & Deterioration: If your chimney isn’t appropriately protected from water and excess moisture, decay and deterioration will start to occur all throughout your masonry. This makes you more prone to experience gas leaks, house fires, chimney fires, and more, and it greatly impacts efficiency, too.
  • Mold Growth: Mold thrives in dark, moist areas, and a chimney that’s experiencing leaks offers a great environment for it to grow and spread. Mold can have serious health impacts on those exposed, so this is one issue you’ll definitely want to avoid.
  • Clogging: If you already have debris in your flue, adding moisture to the mix will only make clogs all the more likely. Fortunately, a chimney cap works to both keep debris and excess water out.
  • Wall/Ceiling Stains: It’s not uncommon for those experiencing chimney leaks to start noticing staining and damage on the walls and ceiling surrounding their fireplace. Fireplaces are supposed to enhance your aesthetic, but this is one issue that will definitely put a damper on the atmosphere of your living space.
  • Rotted Woodwork: Like your walls and ceiling, any adjacent woodwork is likely to be affected by the leak-related chimney issues. You could experience rot, which will call for some costly repairs down the line.

And letting these issues go without investing in care from a professional could eventually trigger a settlement or collapse. Don’t take any chances! Invest in the care you deserve now before things get worse.

The Freeze/Thaw Process Explained

As we’ve mentioned above, water can do a lot of damage to your system. Unfortunately, things can get even worse come wintertime.

If your brickwork isn’t protected, it will absorb water like a sponge. Now, this isn’t good for your masonry, but when cold and snowy weather arrives come winter, things will really get bad due to the freeze/thaw process.

What is this? Well, when temperatures go below freezing, the water that’s inside of your brickwork will freeze and expand, which then puts a lot of pressure on your structure. This pressure causes cracking to occur.

When temps rise again, the water melts and the pressure is released, but now even more water is able to enter into the new cracks and gaps. Eventually, temps will drop again, allowing this water to freeze, expand, and trigger even more cracking.

Here in Charlottesville and its surrounding cities, the freeze/thaw process is known for occurring multiple times a season (sometimes numerous times a day), so as you can imagine, a lot of damage can be done in just a few short months.

We Offer Leak Resolutions & Prevention

So, how can all of these issues be resolved and then prevented from recurring again down the line?

First things first, we offer masonry repairs, such as tuckpointing and brick replacement, and we can also replace any damaged chimney parts, like your chimney cap or chase cover. If your firebox has become damaged, we can help with that, too. Basically, whatever chimney repairs you need, we’ve got you covered!

Next, we help make sure these issues don’t happen again down the line. Quality chimney caps and chase covers, as well as well-built chimney crowns, offer a lot of extra protection against rain and bad weather. We’ve got the tools, training, and equipment to ensure you’re set up right.

Along with this, you’ll want to invest in professional waterproofing services. We use products that offer long-lasting, reliable protection from water, while also ensuring your chimney can breathe out any necessary fumes, vapors, and all of that previously absorbed water that’s breaking things down.

Don’t Put Off Professional Care!

If you have chimney damages, they won’t simply stay put until you’re ready to invest in repair work. Rather, they’ll continue to worsen over time, making what once might be affordable maintenance turn into expensive and time-consuming repair or reconstruction jobs.

Not to mention, using a fireplace that is damaged is very risky. If you’re experiencing issues of any kind, never attempt to light fires, as you could be more prone to carbon monoxide exposure or smoke inhalation. Along with this, cracks in your flue could leave nearby woodwork more susceptible to catch fire.

The big lesson here? Chimney repairs aren’t something to put off! If you need help, call on our team now for leaky chimney repairs before your damages turn into something bigger. Reach out today at 434-443-5327!