Have you always dreamed about owning a fireplace, but don’t have the space for it? Or maybe you have the space, but don’t feel you have the time to maintain it? Or it could even be that you simply don’t have a chimney!

Well, we may have the perfect solution for you – an electric fireplace.


The Pros of an Electric Fireplace

Electric fireplaces offer homeowners the beautiful, cozy ambiance of a crackling fire, only without the mess, inconvenience, or time commitment. There are lots of benefits to adding one to your home!

  • They don’t require a chimney. Not all homes have chimneys and having one built into your living space isn’t a cheap or easy task. Most figure if they don’t have a chimney, they’re out of luck in terms of fireplace ownership – this isn’t the case! Electric options don’t use gas or fire, so there’s no venting supplies required. Just plug it in, and you’re good to go!
  • You can put them just about anywhere. As long as there’s an outlet nearby, your electric fireplace can go just about anywhere in your home that you’d like! That means, if you’re ever looking to rearrange, your fireplace won’t be adding any hiccups to your plan. You can’t get that level of convenience with any other fireplace fuel.
  • They’re not a permanent fixture. Some like the permanence that masonry fireplaces offer, but that’s definitely not for everyone. If you want a cozy heat source, just without the lifelong commitment, electric fireplaces are an ideal choice.Electric Fireplace2 - Charlottesville VA - Chimney Guys LLC
  • They last for a long time. They’re not permanent, but don’t worry about longevity! They’re known for lasting well over a decade, some even up to 20 years! You’ll definitely get your money’s worth.
  • They’re easy to operate. Forget hauling logs, building fires, and scooping out fireplace ash. If that type of fireplace experience doesn’t appeal to you, consider an electric option. Just a quick flip of a switch, and you’ve got heat! Not to mention, controlling the temperature is easy – another super convenient feature. (All of this means less mess, too – another big plus!)
  • If you move, they can come with you. It can be hard to leave well-beloved features of your home behind when you eventually move to a different space, but this is one appliance you can always take with you – along with all the memories it carries!
  • They’re known for being safe. With an electric fireplace, you won’t be forced to deal with stray sparks, smoke back up, carbon monoxide leaks, or chimney fires. They’re also safer for pets and kiddos, too. While we don’t encourage anyone touching the screen while it’s running, serious burns or injuries aren’t likely to occur if an accident does happen. With real fires or gas fireplaces, this definitely isn’t the case.
  • They offer aesthetic appeal. Electric fireplaces sometimes get a bad rap for their unrealistic look and feel, but we think today’s models can make a beautiful addition to any household! There are lots of design and styles choices, ensuring you can get that cozy ambiance without messing up the look of your home.
  • You won’t miss out on efficiency. Electric fireplaces are known for their heat output, and since no chimneys are needed, basically all of the energy it uses is converted directly into heat. That means almost none is lost or wasted!

The Cons of an Electric Fireplace

There is no denying that electric fireplaces have countless benefits, but we always want our homeowners to know the pros and cons of every fireplace-related decision before making any commitments. After all, a new appliance can be a big (and pricey) investment, and your satisfaction should always be the first priority!

Some cons include:

  • It won’t serve as a primary heat source. While electric fireplaces are very efficient in terms of heating, they won’t ever serve as a primary heat source for your home.
  • It can’t operate during outages. Since they require electricity, you can’t rely on an electric fireplace during a power outage.
  • It won’t add much value to your home. A built-in fireplace is known for adding value to your home, but because electric models aren’t known for their permanency, they likely won’t increase your property’s price tag, should you sell down the line.
  • You won’t get the sounds, smells, and ambiance of a real fire. In terms of aesthetic, an electric fireplace doesn’t really compare to a real wood-burning fireplace (or even the realistic look of most modern gas fireplaces). That said, we still believe this serves as a very cozy alternative for those that have limited options.

Still Have Questions?

If there’s something we didn’t cover here that you’d like more insight on, please let us know! We’d love to ensure you’re set up with your dream fireplace, so you can enjoy the upcoming fall and winter season to the fullest.

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